How I Help Researchers Work Openly: Maryam Fakouri

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Maryam Fakouri
Scholarly Publishing Outreach Librarian

Spotlight on: Libraries’ Support

How can you help researchers who want to work openly?
I can help researchers to think through copyright questions by explaining policies and best practices.  If a question touches upon trademark or another related area of law, I can help with that, too.  I also help researchers to understand contractual agreements they may be considering.  Law is just one part of intellectual property (IP) management, though, and I can refer researchers to my colleagues who can help with ancillary tasks such as storing data and creating digital objects for research or teaching.

When should researchers get in contact with you?
Researchers should get in touch with me once they have a working idea for a project that involves creating or using copyright-protected material, and they’re not certain how to proceed.   As a lawyer and librarian, I value planning and organization.  Thinking through potential issues before they occur—and planning accordingly—can reduce stress later on.

What are some projects you’ve worked on jointly with researchers?
I have visited classes to speak about copyright, fair use, and the Creative Commons.  Plus I’ve designed and taught workshops and lessons about copyright for faculty, students, and staff.  I’ve also helped online course designers think through legal and fair ways to use copyright-protected materials.

About Maryam
I arrived at UW in August 2017, and I look forward to working with the UW community.  I have a lot of experience working with undergraduates as a librarian.  As a lawyer, I monitor developments in intellectual property law and explain those developments to campus stakeholders.  Intellectual property law is a very interesting area of law which we see in practice every day.  IP law can be complex and uncertain, but its basic principles should not intimidate anyone.  Happy Open Access Week!


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