How I Help Researchers Work Openly: Denise Hattwig

Denise Hattwig photo

Denise Hattwig
Digital Scholarship + Collections Curator
UW Bothell/Cascadia Library

Spotlight on:  Libraries’ Support

How can you help researchers who want to work openly?
I’m eager to help researchers find the most efficient and impactful ways to do and share their digital scholarship. I can help researchers identify the repositories, archives, and tools best suited to their often complex publishing, preservation, and archiving goals and needs. I also collaborate with faculty on workshops, consultations, and assignment design to involve students with open access concepts and open knowledge production.

When should researchers get in contact with you?
I always ask researchers to please contact me early and often! Initial decisions about repositories, platforms, partnerships, and copyright can have huge and lasting impacts on how open research can be and whether open scholarship can be preserved and sustained.

What are some examples of how you’ve helped researchers?
I’ve helped with digital scholarship project planning, open archiving, agreement forms, metadata, choosing tools and platforms, and teaching with open digital collections. Recently I’ve worked with student and faculty oral history researchers and community partners to document local events and organizations.

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