How I Help Researchers Work Openly: Diana Nelson Louden

Photo of Diana Louden

Diana Nelson Louden
Biomedical & Translational Sciences Librarian

Spotlight on: Libraries Support

How can you help researchers who want to work openly?
I like to help biomedical researchers investigate ways they can share their work to increase its visibility and utility.  This could include identifying reputable open access journals, answering questions relating to NIH Public Access Policy compliance, or discussing suitable repositories for sharing their research methods or products.

When should researchers get in contact with you?
I’m happy to talk with individuals or give short presentations about open access journals, uses of PubMed Central and other public repositories, and ways working openly can increase research impact.

What are some projects you’ve worked on jointly with researchers?
A librarian colleague and I are funded through an NIH Administrative Supplement to help an Alzheimer’s research team (1) share their research methods to enhance transparency and (2) share their research data according to FAIR principles so it’s Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

In another collaboration, our research group found multiple ways to share our work openly.  Our article is in an open access journal, our conference poster is available on figshare, and a classification scheme we developed is in UW’s ResearchWorks archive.


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