What “Going Public” Means to Me

Going Public: Connecting Research & Community” is scheduled for this Saturday, April 7th.  If you haven’t registered yet, do so soon as there are less than 10 slots remaining!  As part of our registration process, we’ve asked participants to share “what does “going public” mean to you?”  For this blog post, we thought it might be fun to look at some of the responses we’ve received from across a variety of disciplines.  The following Voyant illustration shows the connections of some of the most popular terms mentioned in our submissions.

popular terms mentioned in survey of what going public means to you











Here is a sampling of what you said:

  • Reaching out to communities to understand their needs and how we can do better work.
  • “Going public” suggests that issues must be brought into the public light.  Rather than passively making things “open,” there is a need for active revealing and designing spaces for public involvement.
  • Producing science that the public can relate to, evaluate, make decisions with, and, most of all, trust.
  • “Going public” constitutes a commitment to the use of research as a more inclusive knowledge-production process—a move which exposes how power is implicated within the practices, paradigms and processes of knowledge-production while simultaneously troubling the very asymmetries it inadvertently uncovers.
  • Involving and connecting the community, doing research that is impactful–not just to get publications.
  • Making research that transcends the ivory tower
  • Inclusivity!
  • Bidirectional communication and collaboration.  From the community perspective: “Nothing about us without us.”
  • Connecting teaching to pressing community needs
  • Having community members as an integral part of [a] research team
  • “Going public” to me means including community members as “producers of knowledge” alongside researchers

We look forward to exploring these ideas further through the workshops and our keynote panel on Saturday!  Follow the conversation on Twitter at #GoPublicUW


Join your UW colleagues and librarians for Going Public: Connecting Research and Community on Saturday, April 7 from 9am to 1pm at the Allen Library Research Commons.  This symposium will help you to expand your research beyond the academy regardless of your discipline.  Learn how community members can be your allies, colleagues, and cheerleaders.   Our experienced presenters and workshop leaders will help you to engage the public by:

Telling your compelling research story.

Collaborating with passionate citizens.

Finding your public voice.

Measuring your impact.

And more!

Register online today!  See you on Saturday, April 7!