Day 2

Internship (and the rest of life) is stressful. We will start the morning with some time exploring reflection as one tool for wellness and learning.

We will spend the morning talking about the “controversies” around vaccines and discussing how to talk about them with skeptical parents. The afternoon will be spent thinking about bugs and the drugs that kill them.


9:00-9:45 OC.7.830 Self reflection
9:45-12:30 OC.7.830 Bugs and Drugs/Labs
1:30-3:30 OC.7.830 Immunization spiel
3:30-4:30 OC.7.830 Alternative schedules


Hi all. In preparation for tomorrow’s session, please research your assigned topic and prepare to share what you found with everyone.  Everyone will have about 7 minutes to share.  Also, come with the craziest thing you read on the internet about vaccines.  🙂

Alle Canadian vaccine schedule

Janelle European vaccine schedule

Eva Dr. Bob Sears Schedule

Kristen Dr. Paul Thomas Schedule

Alexandra Stefan Lanka theories

Cassie Natural or homeopathic vaccine alternatives


  1. Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children” by Andrew Wakefield, the now retracted article that started a campaign of misinformation.
  2. The very brief retraction published 12 years later by the Lancet.



  1. Helpful guide

2. Poems and prompts

Bugs and Drugs:

  1. Cases handout- for class
  2. Cases with answers

Vaccine talks:

  1. Opal article
  2. Immunization cases– for class
  3. Resources for responding to IZ questions
  4. Guide to Contraindications and Precautions


  1. Helpful flyer with resources to help you respond to vaccine-hesitant parents.
  2. Vaccine Refusal, Mandatory Immunization, and the Risks of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases” by S Omer.
  3. Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Vaccines Cause Allergic or Autoimmune Diseases?” by P Offit.
  4. Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Vaccines Contain Harmful Preservatives, Adjuvants, Additives, or Residuals?” by P Offit.

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