Day 3

Today we will be focusing on clinical reasoning, organization and communication skills necessary for life on the wards: developing assessments and plans, figuring out how to create and prioritize a to-do list, answering pages and giving handoffs. It will be a packed day, just like a day in the life of an intern!


9:00-9:30 RB.6.637 Self reflection
9:30-12:30 RB.6.637 Mock rounds
1:30-3:00 GME Answering pages
3:00-4:30 GME Handoffs


  1. Collaboration between hospital pysicians and nurses: An integrated literature review” by Tang C
  2. Why doesn’t medical care get better when doctors rest more?” by Lisa Rosenbaum from the New Yorker
  3. When patient handoffs go terribly wrong” by Pauline Chen from the New York Times
  4. Patient handoffs: Pediatric resident experiences and lessons learned” by McSweeney M


  1. Cases for class

Watch the brief videos below and reflect on the where communication went well and where there was opportunity for improvement. (Yes, the acting is Oscar worthy.)

  1. Admission- Poor
  2. Admission- Better
  3. Page- Poor
  4. Page- Better
  5. Transfer- Poor
  6. Transfer- Better

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