Day 4

This morning we will hear about talking with teenagers and practice some of the questions and conversations that will be important in their care. Next you will learn about some tips and tricks for incorporating technology into your continued education and practice.

In the afternoon you will get the chance to hear the experts talk about all the advice you will soon be expected to share with parents.  Get ready to answer questions such as, “Should I sleep train my baby?”, “When and how do I toilet train?”, “Should I give my baby peanut butter?” and “What should I do about discipline?”  You will have the chance to discuss resources and recommendations that you have found…from Professional Society Guidelines to random weird websites.


9:00-9:30 OC.7.830 Self reflection
9:30-11:00 OC.7.830 Conversations with teens
11:00-12:30 OC.7.830 Tech in learning and medicine
1:30-4:30 OC.7.830 Parent questions 101


  • Breast Feeding/Feeding (starting solids, transitioning, introduction of different foods, allergies): Alexandra and Cassie
  • Sleep (co-sleeping, sleep training, night terrors): Alle
  • Discipline/Behavioral Concerns (when to start, time outs, spanking, positive parenting): Janelle and Kristen
  • Toilet Training (expectations, signs of readiness, different approaches): Eva
  1. Students will pair up to research a common pediatric question. Please evaluate at least 3 sources for advice. At least one should be a reputable source. 🙂
  2. Review normal pediatric milestones on the CDC site.

Handouts for class:

A Cases– Janelle, Alexandra, Alle

B Cases– Cassie, Eva, Kristen

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