Day 7

Today’s focus will once again be communication skills that will help you care for children and families as a resident. We will practice calling consultants and discussing difficult news with families…with a little nutrition thrown in.


9:00-9:30 OC.7.830 Self reflection
9:30-11:30 OC.7.830 Calling consultants
11:30-12:30 OC.7.830 Nutrition
1:30-3:30 OC.7.830 Difficult conversations
3:30-4:30 OC.7.830 Environmental exposures


  1. Enhancing medical student consultation request skills in an academic emergency department” by S Go.
  2. The courteous consult: A consult card and training to improve resident consults” by A Podolsky A.
  3. “Delivering Bad or Life-Altering News” by Berkey F.


  1. Calling consult cases
  2. Difficult conversation cases


  1. A pocket resource for the GUIDE tool, another method for delivering difficult news.
  2. SPIKES- A six step protocol for delivering bad news: Application to the patient with cancer” by W Baile.

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