Welcome to Peds Boot Camp!

Congratulations on your recent Match!!  We are excited to meet you all, hear where you are going for residency and share with you some of our experiences.

The boot camp will start on March 16th at 10:00 with Sara Fear in the GME office.  After getting signed in with Sara and obtaining your badges, we will meet you in the GME office.

We hope you are as excited as we are to start this course.  We have an amazing group of instructors who are excited to teach and be a resource for you.  We want to reiterate, that the course is intended to be as interactive and hand-on as possible with the aim of exposing you to high yield situations that you will experience in residency.  We will be asking for your enthusiasm and participation in the sessions and will welcome your feedback throughout the course.

The schedule is included below. While the days will be packed with material, there is a good chance that we will be ending early on some days.  A few tips below:

  • Parking is available off site at the Magnuson lot with shuttle service to and from SCH.
  • We have set the schedule so that you may attend noon conference each day. Lunch is provided. Please be aware that there is not noon conference on Thursdays so please plan accordingly. There are several Starbucks in the hospital and a cafeteria if you want to pick something up here.
  • We would ask that you bring your computers so that you can look stuff up while in your small groups.
  • You can find the Seattle Children’s Survival Guides at  here.

We look forward to meeting you all soon.


Bekah & Jesse

16-Mar 10:00-10:30 GME Check in/Orientation
10:30-11:30 OC.7.830 Ear exam
11:30-12:30 OC.7.830 Lung exam
1:30-2:30 OC.7.830 Newborn exam
2:30-3:30 OC.7.830 Neuro exam
3:30-4:30 OC.7.830 Ortho/Derm Jeopardy
17-Mar 9:00-9:45 OC.7.830 Self reflection
9:45-12:30 OC.7.830 Bugs and drugs/Labs
1:30-3:30 OC.7.830 Immunization spiel
3:30-4:30 OC.7.830 Alternate schedules
18-Mar 9:00-9:30 RB.6.637 Self reflection
9:30-12:30 RB.6.637 Mock rounds
1:30-3:00 OC.7.830 Answering pages
3:00-4:30 OC.7.830 Handoffs
19-Mar 9:00-9:30 OC.7.830 Self reflection
9:30-11:00 OC.7.830 Conversation with teens
11:00-12:30 OC.7.830 Tech in learning and medicine
1:30-4:30 OC.7.830 Parent questions 101
23-Mar 9:00-10:00 UW WISH Airway support
10:00-12:00 UW WISH Resuscitation cases
1:00-4:00 UW WISH Resuscitation cases
24-Mar 9:00-9:30 OC.7.830 Self reflection
9:30-11:30 OC.7.830 Calling consultants
11:30-12:30 OC.7.830 Nutrition
1:30-3:30 OC.7.830 Difficult conversations
3:30-4:30 OC.7.830 Environmental exposures
25-Mar 9:00-10:00 OA.5.340 Resilience
10:00-11:00 OA.5.340 US
11:00-12:30 OA.5.340 Pain
1:30-4:30 OA.5.340 Palliative Care
26-Mar 9:00-9:30 ED Self reflection
9:30-10:30 ED Simulation
10:30-12:30 RC.3.905 Case discussion
12:30-1:30 RC.3.905 Lunch
1:30-3:00 OA.5.340 Residents as teachers
3:00-4:30 OA.5.340 Global health/Health disparities
27-Mar 9:00-9:30 OA.5.340 Self reflection
9:30-10:30 ED Simulation
10:30-12:30 OA.9.340 Case discussion
1:30-2:30 OC.7.830 Lecture
2:30-3:30 OC.7.830 Case discussion
3:30-4:00 OC.7.830 Wrap up



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