UW Tacoma’s Pre-Law Society gets in gear

For those students considering law school–no matter the interest level–UW Tacoma’s Pre-Law Society (PLS) can be a valuable resource. This year the PLS is led by PPPA students Chelsea Hager and Brian Holden, and has been active in sponsoring law-related events. Last fall, Ann Kitchel, Assistant Professor at Willamette University College of Law, visited with PLS members, engaged them in a mock law school class and answered questions about the law school admissions process. Speaking about her visit, Brian Holden noted “I didn’t realize how much work applying to law school would be.”

Want more information? Check out the PLS on DawgDen, or contact Chelsea Hager (hagerc2@uw.edu) or Brian Holden (bch9@uw.edu).