Spring class: run Washington, DC

This spring, PPPA is offering a new course on the United States Congress (TPOLS 353).   It providesintern 5 a unique learning opportunity by engaging students in an actual simulation of a legislative session through the use of specialized computer software. Students will be assigned to committees, will debate issues, and will hold votes. Some days will be designated for committee work, while others will be used to elect “legislators” to positions, vote on bills, allow for floor speeches, debate legislation,  and so on. Through this hands-on experience, students will gain an appreciation for how the U.S. Congress functions.   The course is offered Monday & Wednesday 10:20-12:25.  Contact Prof. Ben Gonzalez for more information (bfg@uw.edu).

Study abroad in China this summer

DragonThis summer, UW Tacoma students will be joining Professor Mary Hanneman (PPPA) and Professor Yi Li (Tacoma Community College) on a four-week study abroad program to Lanzhou, China.  Students will study Mandarin Chinese along with Chinese history and culture for three weeks at Lanzhou University.  The study abroad program will conclude with a one-week trip to the ancient Silk Road city of Dunhuang, site of some of early Chinese Buddhism’s most important grotto murals, followed by a two-day stay in the vibrant Chinese capital of Beijing.  If  you are interested in signing up, contact Mary Hanneman (hanneman@uw.edu).

UW Tacoma’s Pre-Law Society gets in gear

For those students considering law school–no matter the interest level–UW Tacoma’s Pre-Law Society (PLS) can be a valuable resource. This year the PLS is led by PPPA students Chelsea Hager and Brian Holden, and has been active in sponsoring law-related events. Last fall, Ann Kitchel, Assistant Professor at Willamette University College of Law, visited with PLS members, engaged them in a mock law school class and answered questions about the law school admissions process. Speaking about her visit, Brian Holden noted “I didn’t realize how much work applying to law school would be.”

Want more information? Check out the PLS on DawgDen, or contact Chelsea Hager (hagerc2@uw.edu) or Brian Holden (bch9@uw.edu). 

Professors Kayaoglu and Baird weigh in on Turkey’s school system

The December 2013 release of the latest Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results revealed Turkey to be among a handful of countries witnessing rapid improvement in their educational system.  Based on PISA results, Professors Turan Kayaoglu and Katie Baird published an oped in Turkey’s daily paper Today’s Zaman, calling for further reform of Turkey’s educational system.

PPPA grad off to UPenn Law School

logoCongratulations to Tommy Farrow, a recent PPPA graduate, who was just accepted into the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Penn Law is ranked 7th in the nation among law schools, and Tommy is thrilled with his opportunity to study there.  He credits UW Tacoma faculty for his academic success, but we’d chalk it up to his hard work and endless curiosity. 

Upcoming Events

  • April 10 –  Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Mr. Faisal Roble.  “Post Civil War Somalia:  Challenges and Opportunities”  4- 6 pm in Carwein Auditorium.
  • April 15 – Film & Panel Discussion- “Buddhism After the Tsunami: The Souls of Zen.” 3/11 Japan Special. 6-8 pm in Carwein Auditorium
  • April 23 – Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Professor James Long.  “Electoral Fraud and Political Violence in Africa.”  12:30 (Location TBD) 
  • April 28 – Philosophy Roundtable, with  Professor Rob Crawford.  Topic:  “War and Legitimacy: Why Accountability for US Torture Failed”. 4:00-5:30 pm in the Chihuly Room, Snoqualmie Library Building,.
  • April 30 – PPPA Internship Event and Paper Prize Presentation. 12:30 pm in the Jane Russell Commons.
  • May 7 –  Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Professor Nader Hashemi.  “Is Rouhani an Iranian Gorbachev?”  4pm  in the Tacoma Room.
  • May 15 – PPPA Seminar by Paper Prize winner.  12:30 pm in the Tacoma Room.
  • May 29 –  Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Michael Wotherspoon.  “Politics, Ethnicity and the Press in Kyrgyzstan.” 12:30 pm in the Tacoma Room.