New faculty quotes:

Several new faculty joined PPPA this fall, and a few had comments on how much they enjoyed their first quarter at UW Tacoma.

Ishita NandiIshita Nandi: “I have had a very enjoyable and fulfilling fall quarter here at UW Tacoma. The students are engaging, intelligent and have the right attitude towards learning. We have developed an easy camaraderie in class and I feel like the conversational tone to my lectures makes it easier for them to open up and ask questions. I am always pleasantly surprised to hear my students voice their opinions on the many public policy issues we analyze in TECON 410, and I love seeing that spark of understanding when my TECON 101 students apply a basic economic model for the first time that relates to their own lives and the decisions they make.

“I am very pleased with the way my students are responding and thriving in my classes. Their feedback is encouraging and it honestly makes my day. Last but not least, I have received nothing but support and quick responses from my colleagues whenever I have had questions. People here are genuinely friendly and want me to fit in, which I appreciate a great deal. So thank you IAS colleagues and students, for a wonderful Fall quarter so far!

Ann Frost: “My first weeks at UW Tacoma have been extremely rewarding.  The students1401647995802[1] I have worked with in my classes are truly a delight.  They are engaged, thoughtful, and interesting people, who have unending potential to contribute to the classroom and the academic community at UWT.  I have also had the pleasure of supervising the PPPA internship program, which gives me the opportunity to interact with students outside the classroom.  I have seen students blossom as they work on congressional campaigns and in law offices.  We also have a promising group of intern hopefuls interviewing for the Washington State Legislative Internship program.  Successful applicants will intern full time in Olympia during Winter quarter.  I have also enjoyed getting to know fellow professors and others on campus.  Overall my experience at UWT has been great!”


Sarah HampsonSarah Hampson: I’m a new Assistant Professor in PPPA ,  teaching classes in the Law and Policy major. I moved to the Tacoma area this summer from New England, and have been really enjoying settling into such gorgeous surroundings, and I’m very grateful for the temperate weather. As all of my friends and family back home are scraping off their cars this winter, I’m enjoying the rain.

I’m wrapping up my first quarter at UWT. I’ve taught Law in Society and Constitutional Law: Institutions and Powers this quarter, and have enjoyed every minute of it. My students are amazing – they work hard and come to class ready to engage. I’m so proud to be a part of this fantastic community. Law in Society in particular is a favorite subject of mine, and I bring a lot of energy to this course… which I’ll need when I teach it at 8am next quarter! I’m looking to recruit some energetic students to join me in that class. I can promise that it will be a lot of fun!

I’ll also be teaching a new class next quarter called Introduction to the American Legal System. Students who are thinking about law school, or are wondering whether Law & Policy is a major they might be interested in should definitely take it! We will look at the basic structure of the American legal system, how courts behave in the American political system, and how it matters. There will be a lot of discussion of current political topics, too.

Finally, I just wanted to say that my research interests are in Law and Society, race, gender and ethnic politics in the U.S., and in public policy (particularly as it relates to the workplace). I am currently doing research with women in academia and the U.S. military related to work/life balance policies. I’d love to work with any MAIS students or any other students who might be interested in pursuing research in any of these areas. Please feel free to reach out any time!