Faculty news

PPPA Summer 2014 bbqOn September 13, 2014 PPPA faculty and their families joined together to host a BBQ at Dash Point State Park to welcome new faculty members to the division. The weather was beautiful, and a good time was had by all.

Professor Katie Baird, on sabbatical for the 2014-15 academic year, traveled to Segovia, Spain this summer to present two papers at the conference: “The Decline of Middle Classes around the World.”

  • Earnings and Income Distribution in OECD Countries over the Great Recession: Who Weathered the Storm?
  • US Social Policy in an Era of Middle Class Decline: Is it Drifting from the Poor?

Professor Jane Compson had an article recently published in Contemporary Buddhism: “Meditation, Trauma and Suffering in Silence: Raising Questions about How Meditation is Taught and Practiced in Western Contexts in the Light of a Contemporary Trauma Resiliency Model.” April 2014.

She also co-authored the publication: “Traditional and Contemporary Mindfulness: Finding the Middle Path in the Tangle of Concerns”  in the journal Mindfulness. Monteiro, Lynette MMusten, RFCompson, JaneCompson also presented at three conferences:

August 7-9, 2014 – Compson presented at the Seattle University Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability with Robin Evans-Agnew (nursing) at an interdisciplinary conference on environmental justice – Just Sustainability, Hope for the Commons.  The topic of their presentation was “Crossing the Interdisciplinary Divide: Co-advancing workforce development through a digital commons initiative.”  This was a write-up of a project she and Evans-Agnew did in an Environmental Ethics class where students interviewed community members and faculty about environmental justice issues locally, and then uploaded the videos and the transcripts to a digital commons site in the library.  They also worked with an undergraduate student, Chris Lower, to co-author a paper submitted about this project (and are waiting to hear if it was accepted).

October 11, 2014 – Compson presented at the Association for the Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, 6th Annual ACMHE Conference at  UW Seattle. Her topic was  “Cyber-contemplation: Teaching and Assessing Contemplative Practices in Online Classes.”

November 14-16, 2014 – Compson presented with Ellen Moore (IAS-Communications) at the Sustainability and Contemplative Practice conference, Curriculum for the Bioregion  at the Whidbey Institute. The title of their talk was  “Practice, Process and the Student Response.”

Professor Rob Crawford’s article titled “The CIA, the President, and the Senate’s Torture Report”  considered the pending public release of the summary of the over-6000 page investigative report of the Senate Intelligence Committee on CIA torture. Crawford’s article was published online in the political newsletter Counterpunch (September 26-28, 2014)

Professor Turan Kayaoglu published several articles recently, including:

2014. Giving an Inch only to Lose a Mile: Muslim States, Liberalism, and Human Rights in the United Nations. Human Rights Quarterly. 36(1): 61-89.

2014. Trying Islam: Muslims before the European Court of Human Rights. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. 34(4): 345-364.

2014. Dialogue 2.0: A Call for Interfaith Service and Action, Dialogue Studies. (2)2: 127-136

2014. Postsecularism, Islam, and Religious Freedom: Cases from the European Court of Human Rights in Towards a Postsecular International Politics? Changing Patterns of Authority, Legitimacy and Power in a Postsecular World, ed. by Luca Mavelli and Fabio Petito. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan. pp. 243-262.

2014. Batı-Disi Uluslararası İlişkiler Kurami ve İslam [Non-Western International Relations Theory and Islam] Uluslararsı İlişkilere Giriş: Tarih, Teori, Kavramlar ve Konular [Introduction to International Relations: History, Theory, Concepts, and Issues] ed. by Şaban Kardaş and Ali Balcı., Istanbul: İmge Yayınevi. pp. 198-207.

Professor Will McGuire recently published two articles:
“Regional Patterns of Food Safety in China: What Can We Learn from Media Data?” (with Holtkamp, N. and Liu, P.) China Economic Review. 30. 2014: 459-468

“The Effect of ISO 14001 on Environmental Regulatory Compliance in China.” Ecological Economics. 105. 2014: 254-264.
This summer, McGuire also took part in a poster presentation at the AAEA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN on July 27th, presenting his paper “The Effect of ISO 14001 on Environmental Regulatory Compliance in China.” A month later, he presented another paper “The Effect of ISO 14001 on Environmental Regulatory Compliance in China” at the University of Chicago Symposium on China’s Economy and Governance in Chicago, IL.

This October, Professor Etga Ugur presented a paper titled “Islamists and Regime Transitions” at the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association (PNWPSA) Annual Meeting in Bend, Oregon. He also gave a radio interview on the topic of “Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About ISIS” on the Dim Danahey Show, a Denver-based online radio show.

Professor Charles Williams recently published an article, “Steinbeck as Anti-Fascist” in the journal, American Studies 53:4 (2014): 5-30.