A new twist on an old course

Human_Rights_International_Barnstar_HiresTPHIL 200 – Introduction to the Philosophy of Human Rights (Spring 2015)

As it always has, TPHIL 200 introduces diverse philosophical views on humanity, good, rights, universality and other concepts that have influenced our current understanding of human rights. It provides an overview of basic concepts in these areas, relating them to selected philosophical schools and thinkers, and discusses how they impact contemporary initiatives on human rights. However, during spring quarter 2015, we will focus on current writings on the philosophy of human rights and cosmopolitanism, particularly on the writings of contemporary German philosopher, Rainer Forst. Students will then engage in a direct dialogue with Forst during his visit to the University of Washington in April. Finally, students will apply what they learn in this dialogue to contemporary questions on human rights and have the opportunity to focus on research focusing on particular themes of their choice – such as women’s rights, immigration, citizenship, human trafficking, right to education, and other issues.   This course will enable students to:

  • Understand contemporary views on the philosophy of human rights
  • Learn how Rainer Forst develops a Critical Theory of Human Rights
  • Read key recent texts in which Forst presents his views on human rights and tolerance
  • Establish a direct dialogue with Forst’s work during his spring visit to UW Tacoma
  • Evaluate Forst’s philosophical views and apply them to current discussions on human rights

TPHIL 200 is offered Tuesday/Thursday @ 5:20 pm (SLN# 19797/19798)

For more information, please contact Dr. Amos Nascimento, anascim@uw.edu