Faculty takes part in Copenhagen human rights workshop

PPPA professor Turan Kayaoglu traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark in February 2015turan's photo to take part in a workshop on the topic of human rights and  the  Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).  The workshop, organized by the  Danish Institute for Human Rights–the third such meeting for the group which first met in 2013 at the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR)–had ten scholars presenting papers over a period of two days. Group members discussed their papers and developed a common framework for a forthcoming publication regarding the OIC and human rights. Kayaoglu and Marie J. Petersen will be editing the publication produced by workshop participants.

This same group previously organized two panels at the International Studies Association-Human Rights meeting in Istanbul in 2014, presenting papers on “International Organizations, Human Rights, and the Muslim World,” some of which were later published in the DIHR working paper series Matters of Concern.

Several participants from the Copenhagen workshop are scheduled to meet in Seattle in May 2015 to present their work at the annual Law and Society Association meeting, in a panel titled “The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Engagements with Human Rights.”