PPPA Paper Prize presentation

Please join us Wednesday, May 13th at 12:30 pm in the Lucien Room (GWP 320) as Svetlana Slobodchikova presents her PPPA prize-winning paper “Economic Convergence and Income Inequality: Cases of Argentina, Brazil, and China, ”  written for Prof. Michael Forman’s PP&E capstone class.

We will also be recognizing the rest of the nominees for this annual PPPA honor, including:

Brianna Trafton, “ Breaking the Silence of Atrocity: Navigating the Liminal Space in post-Apartheid  Society” (Prof. Rob Crawford)

Kyle Palmer, “The Secular State Contradiction: How Secular States Fostered Religious Parties” (Prof. Turan Kayaoglu)

Samuel Ranslem, “Domestic Drones: The Politics of Privacy” (Prof. Ann Frost)

Eric Williams, “A Tale of Two Schools” (Prof. Ann Frost)