Professor Sarah Hampson Publishes New Book “The Balance Gap”

Assistant Professor of Public Law Sarah Hampson’s new book is fresh off the press. Published by Stanford Press, The Balance Gap contrasts the way that “family friendly” policies and laws play out in the university versus the military. Prof. Hampson does this by tracing the paths of individual women to examine how they understand and make use of work/life balance laws and policies.

Prof. Hampson research leads her to some surprising conclusions. She argues that the growing trend toward family-friendly policies are “only a Band-Aid for what really afflicts American women in the workplace—a culture that expects them to be both ideal caregivers and ideal workers. Not only do work/life balance policies such as paid family leave not address this expectation head-on, they can actually serve to reinforce these cultural expectations.”

Sarah’s book is now available online or in bookstores like the UWT Bookstore.  You can also read her recent opinion piece on paid family leave.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming event to celebrate Sarah’s milestone.