Our Interns in the Community, Here and Abroad

This quarter, four of our students have interned in various locations, most in Tacoma, but one in far-flung Azerbaijan!  Aaron Guzman (left), is graduating this quarter in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. This quarter he was an investigative intern with Pierce County’s Department of Assigned Counsel, working with alleged criminals during pre-trial procedures. “I’ve been learning a lot about investigations,” Aaron says. “My supervisor provides us with real world experience, and I enjoy going to court houses and jails. Now more than ever, I’m interested in a career in federal law enforcement.”   Aaron’s supervisor Glenn Glover calls Aaron a “great asset,” and was glad to have him join their team.

Meanwhile, across the globe, Emma Watkins (senior, Politics, Philosophy and Economics) spent last summer in Azerbaijan, a country nestled between Armenia, Russia, Georgia, and Iran. While the country has few non-governmental organizations, Emma (right) was lucky to find an internship The Eurasia Partnership Foundation, an NGO that promotes peace in the South Caucasus region. Emma interned in the capital of Baku doing research and writing up reports for the Council of Europe and the Azerbaijani ministry of education.  “Though frustrating at times, it was worth every second,” she reflects. “I’m dying to go back, and can honestly see myself working in the country again sometime. The NGO work life is not glamorous or always successful, but it is incredibly rewarding.”

Meanwhile, Adam Birgenheier (left, senior in Law and Policy), interned for  local attorney Thaddeus Martin who specializes in discrimination law.  While there Adam investigated a range of cases from claims by men of mistreatment by female bosses to claims of discrimination by disabled employees.  “I learned that discrimination in the work force involves a lot more than just race.  My eyes have been opened by hearing all these stories about work place discrimination.  I have enjoyed helping our clients get the justice they deserve.

Over at the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, Hannah Graser (Law and Policy senior, right) has interned with the juvenile division at Remann Hall as well as the Office’s drug crimes and civil crimes divisions.  About her experience, she comments: “My internship has been the best learning experience I have had. It opened my eyes to the reality of what the life of a prosecutor is like.  I am now even more excited for my future career and feel like I have a foot in the door. I have a thirst for justice and my need to protect others has been reinforced by this internship.”