PP&E Student Espino Cited in Seattle Times Article

About 40 percent of UWT students receive need-based grants from the State. That fact comes to us from PP&E major Adán Espino Jr.   Last week, Seattle Times reporter Katherine Long interviewed Espino, then cited him in her article on proposals under consideration by state legislators to increase funding for the state’s need-based grant program. If passed, one proposal would turn this grant program for college students — which is currently underfunded — into an entitlement program, so that all students eligible for aid would receive it. Currently, only 70,000 out of the 90,000 students in the state eligible for a grant, receive one.

Espino is the UWT’s legislative liaison this year; he’s been spending the quarter in Olympia representing UWT students during this year’s legislative session.  The student lobbyists have all been pushing hard for fully funding the state’s need based grant program. That effort seems to be paying off!

Alumni Spotlight: Mohamed Rashed, PPPA ’11

Mohamed Rashed, PPPA ’11

In 2006, already at work on his degree in business administration, Mohamed Rashed made the daunting decision to leave his home in Egypt and move to the United States. He arrived with little English skills, but enrolled in UW Tacoma just the next year. By 2011, he had graduated with dual Bachelors degrees in Politics and International Business, and then went on to Eastern Washington University for 2 Masters degrees in Business and Public Administration. Today, Mohamed is a Ph.D. candidate in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, alongside working as a newly-hired Vice President and Branch Manager at Banner Bank in Spokane, WA and teaching financial literacy to refugees through World Relief.

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Our Students in Olympia

This quarter, four UW Tacoma students have been hard at work in our state’s Capitol. Andy Brown, Monica Cysensky, and Barbie Weaver are participating in the Washington State Legislative Internship program, and Adán Espino, Jr. is UW Tacoma’s student lobbyist in Olympia. As the quarter draws to a close, we’re checking in with these students to learn about their experiences so far.

Andy Brown, a Law and Policy major, is working for Senator Steve O’Ban, Legislative District #28.

Andy Brown, pictured at the Supreme Court Bench.

Andy says, “This experience has given me an entirely new outlook on what it takes to enact new legislation and be a part of the Washington State Legislature. It is a very fast paced Continue reading

Our Alums Staff Legislators’ Offices

UWT grads are increasingly walking the halls of the state capitol!  This year, three former students are employed as Legislative Assistants for members of the legislature.  All three got their feet wet in state politics through their participation in our internship courses. Anna Nepomuceno (far left) is the LA for Rep. Jake Fey (D-27th District).  Anna graduated last year with a major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Derek Zable (second from left), is the LA for Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45th District).  He graduated five years ago, and also majored in PP&E.  Nick Russell (far right) works in Sen. Hans Zeiger (R-25th District). He too was a PP&E major, and graduated three years ago. Last month the three alums met with our current interns in the state legislature.  Shown here are Barbie Weaver (center) and Andy Brown (second from right).  Not shown are interns Adan Espino and Monica Cysensky.

“GRE Creep” – What Does it Mean for Law Schools?

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In a new trend known as “GRE creep,” a growing number of law school admissions offices are accepting the GRE as an alternative to the LSAT, including several Tier 1 law schools. According to the New York Times, this is motivated by the desire to make law school more appealing to a diverse body of candidates, including scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

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