Intern Insights: Winter 2018 (1 of 2)

This quarter, PPPA students have been hard at work in the community through their internship placements. In this first of two posts, we share updates from four of our interns.

Lily Wong, pictured with Congressman Denny Heck.

Lily Wong
Major: Law and Policy, Human Rights minor
Placement: Office of Congressman Denny Heck

“I’m really enjoying the internship. I’m mostly in charge of listening to constituents’ comments and complaints, and drafting state referral letters. I hope to work more with caseworkers who help constituents to communicate with federal agencies, such as USCIS for Visa applications or DSHS for benefits, etc.”

Claudia Moralez
Placement: Refugee Women’s Alliance

“The internship is going well. I have made some awesome connections with my colleagues here at the Refugee Women’s Alliance…. I recommend this organization to other prospective interns from UWT and other UW campuses. They are always interested in bring aboard hard working students wanting to make a difference in the community.”

Bryan Abejon, pictured in the Social Security Office of Hearing Operations.

Bryan Abejon
Placement: Social Security Office of Hearing Operations in Tacoma for the Social Security Appeals Court

“Before this internship I did not have a great understanding of Social Security or administrative law. As a person who has been living with their own disability and a person with a desire to advance rights of inclusion for all people, it became important to me to understand how disability and its laws are practiced. During my time here, I have learned the complexities that go into whether or not someone receives disability benefits and what is classified as a disability. I have picked up valuable work skills and legal experience here. The judges, lawyers and legal assistants have all been more than willing to give me mentorship and advice…. I truly feel this internship has accelerated my academic career as well as provided an opportunity that I may not experience again.”

Susannah Piercey.

Susannah Piercey
Major: PPE
Placement: UWT Finance and Administration

“I’m working on a solution to the parking situation on campus. My internship has used skills I learned in class and given me the opportunity to improve them. I have had a chance to do a lot of research and have learned better practices that make it easier to recall and use research. I’ve also learned a lot about parking and transportation, and how political it can be.”