Professor Emeritus Rob Crawford Receives 2018 Distinguished Retiree Community Service Award

Dr. Robert Crawford

The UW Retirement Association is recognizing Professor Emeritus Rob Crawford with the 2018 UW-UWRA Distinguished Retiree Community Service Award. Below are some comments from the President’s Office and nominators.

“Rob Crawford founded the Washington State Religious Campaign against Torture and has been its leader for the last ten years. He is a Faculty Associate with the UW Center for Human Rights. Rob works tirelessly toward the goal of ensuring the United States’ compliance with the most basic obligations enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” – President’s Office statement

“Today more than ever, we need individuals who provide thoughtful analysis of human and civil rights violations; educate others through presentations, publications, and the media; form alliances with other grassroots and civil society organizations and advocate in the political arena. Rob truly reflects the values of the University as a collaborative leader who demonstrates respect for all human beings and embraces fair and just policies.” – Professor Janet Primomo

“[Rob Crawford] draws our attention to terrible crimes, summons us to reflect, and mobilizes us to act. His motive is compassion for the victims of these crimes, and his guiding principle is human decency.”– Professor Jamie Mayerfield

Congratulations, Dr. Crawford!