Intern Insights: Spring 2018

PPPA students have been hard at work in the community through their internship placements this quarter. Here are six interns to share their experiences in administrative law, criminal justice, and politics:


Phillip Ramirez (center).

Phillip Ramirez: “I’m interning with the Pierce County Prosecutors office and specifically assigned to the juvenile division at Remann Hall. This internship has been an amazing opportunity to see how juvenile court operates, opening my eyes to a system that is often overlooked when studying the law. Its been great to get hands on experience doing legal assistant work, witnessing court dockets, going out into Pierce County with probation officers, and discussing Washington State juvenile law with the prosecutors that work here.”

Kimberly Altamirano.

Stephanie Deng, pictured with Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Denis O’Leary.



Kimberly Altamirano: “For the past four months, I have been interning at the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office with the Homicide and Violent Crimes Unit. I have had the most amazing experience working in this office. The work that the prosecutor’s office does is incredible and I had the privilege of working alongside a team dedicated to finding justice for my community. This experienced has made me realize that I definitely want to pursue law school and one day be a prosecutor.”





Stephanie Deng: “I am working in King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. My internship experience has been teaching me a lot, I really enjoyed and was excited to work with these amazing people. It opened my mind… Meanwhile, I believe this experience will help bring my professionalism to a higher level and will be an asset for my whole life. I really appreciate it!”

Aaron Hansen (left).






Aaron Hansen: “Interning for a political campaign has been an interesting experience.  It’s so much more than holding signs and collecting signatures or donations.  It’s researching and negotiating legislation alongside legislators.  But mostly it’s about fundraising.”





Aaron Briggs (right).


Aaron Briggs: “My time at the DAC has provided me with the opportunity to explore the legal system in a hands-on learning environment. It has helped me determine what type of attorney I would like to be and I am grateful for the chance to see for myself what the criminal justice system in Pierce County is like.”


Nabat Ahmed: “I took on this internship at Tacoma’s Social Security Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) because it was a way to indirectly serve the community and gain practical legal skills. My worked combined duties of the Sr. Case Techs and Legal Assistants. The office’s primary function is to prepare cases of reconsideration for claimants already denied for Titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act at the local Social Security Administration office. OHO holds the hearings for claimants and issues decisions. I was given the opportunity to sit in plenty of hearings with the Administrative Law Judges who demonstrated that their decision is based off of discretion but must also follow lots of legislation. It was rewarding to be a part of a team that works endless to give claimants their due process… I loved the atmosphere as everyone was very kind and helpful.”

Other PPPA interns this quarter are McKenna Le Veque,Autumn Nguyen, and Apple Ortiz.