Senior Andre Jimenez pens Oped On Use of Force

Congratulations to Senior Andre Jimenez, whose oped on a recent Use of Force study conducted by the Pierce County Sheriff’s office was just published in Tacoma’s News Tribune.  As a representative on the Pierce County Equity Review Committee, Andre was one of fifteen members asked to review this study, one commissioned to investigate racial disparities in policing practices by the Sheriff’s office.

Andre found some alarming findings in the study — Black residents experience police force five times more often than white residents, and Black youth experience force more than 10 times more frequently than white youth. Yet his oped points to the deficiencies in the data indicating that the report actually underestimates the magnitude of the disparities. Andre concludes that:

Real change requires independent sources of data on police use of force practices that are no longer dependent on officers’ self-reporting. We need a civilian review board with real oversight authority and independence from the sheriff’s department, ensuring that the police who investigate their fellow officers are held accountable. 

Thanks, Andre, for your commitment to making our officials more accountable and our community a more just one.