Call for Self-Nominations for the Annual PPPA Paper Prize

Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs (PPPA) students are invited to nominate a paper for this year’s PPPA Undergraduate Paper Prize award. This year there will be two prizes, one for papers of 15 or more pages and one for papers of less than 15 pages. A list of prior winners, and their papers, can be found on UWT’s Digital Commons library. All PPPA students (those majoring in Law & Policy; Politics, Philosophy & Economics; and Economics & Policy Analysis) are eligible to apply.

Last year, Ariel Cook, a Law and Policy major, won the PPPA Paper Prize for her capstone paper, “Immigration Detention in the Trump Era: A Timeline and Analysis.”  Teresa Dennerlein, a Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major, received an honorable mention for her capstone paper, “Whose Recession is it Anyway? How Crisis Discourse Influences Gender Employment Equity in Recession.”

For the long paper prize, capstone papers are especially welcome, although students may nominate any independent research paper that was produced in a PPPA course (or for a PPPA internship) between Spring quarter of 2021 and Winter quarter of 2022.  Please send submissions to Prof. Charles Williams (

The prize winners will be announced on Friday, May 20. An award celebration will take place the following Friday, May 27 in GWP 320 (Dawn Lucien Room). This will also be a general end-of-year celebration for PPPA students, and especially graduating seniors. More details to follow in May.