Dr. Mary Hanneman Receives Fulbright Research Grant

Dr. Mary Hanneman

Congratulations to PPPA Associate Professor and Acting Director of UWT’s Asia Center, Dr. Mary Hanneman, on receiving a Fulbright Research Grant!

Dr. Hanneman previously received a teaching Fulbright in 2010, spending five months at a small college in north Bengal. This time she will be conducting research at a larger university, North Bengal University, in a neighboring city.  Continue reading

Pam Nogueira Maneman (’12) Running for Pacific County Prosecutor

Pam Nogueira Maneman, UWT ’12

Pam Nogueira Maneman, a graduate of UW Tacoma (’12) and the UW School of Law (’15), is running for prosecutor in Pacific County, WA. In the midst of her busy schedule working in a private law firm and serving on Grays Harbor County Drug Court, Pacific County Drug Court, and as a City Council member for the City of Raymond – in addition to running her campaign! – Pam was generous enough to answer some questions for us about her passion for law, her career ambitions, and her UW roots.  Continue reading

Dr. Sarah Hampson Edits New Book “Mothers, Military, and Society”

Congratulations to Assistant Professor of Public Law Dr. Sarah Cote Hampson, editor of the newly published Mothers, Military, and Society, out this year from Demeter Press. Dr. Hampson’s “Military Moms in the Spotlight: What Media Attention on Mothers in the U.S. Military Means for Public Policy” is included in the volume.

Mothers, Military, and Society takes an interdisciplinary and international approach to analyzing the relationship between motherhood (traditionally understood as feminine) and the military (traditionally understood as masculine), exploring the ways these interact and intersect. It includes case studies, theoretical perspectives, and personal narratives. Continue reading

Upcoming Panel at UWT on State Funding of Public Defenders

UW Tacoma’s PPPA Division is hosting a panel discussion this month on Washington State’s funding of public defenders in the criminal justice system. The 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as the Supreme Court’s Gideon v. Wainwright decision, establish a right to legal representation for criminal defendants; however, according to a recent op-ed by Pierce County Councilman Derek Young, the Washington State Legislature funds just 4% of this public defense. Knowledgeable representatives from both local government and the criminal justice system will convene at UWT on April 26th to discuss.  Continue reading

Announcing “253 Economics,” a Collaborative Blog from PPPA

UW Tacoma’s Division of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs (PPPA) has started a new blog, 253 Economics, that features students’ voices on contemporary issues and debates within economics, including those occurring here in the 253 area code. The purpose of 253 Economics is to show how economic reasoning applies to real world issues, and to do so in non-technical language that a general audience can understand. Sample topics include economics of education, health, immigration, labor, trade, and urban policies. The blog is a collaborative effort among economics faculty and students, and gives students an opportunity to share insights gained through their coursework and experience.

253 Economics is managed by UWT’s economics faculty and edited by Seyed Karimi (skarimi2@uw.edu). Bookmark blogs.uw.edu/econ253/ for easy access to new posts!


Congratulations! Dr. Jane Compson and Dr. Will McGuire Receive Tenure

Congratulations to Dr. Compson and Dr. McGuire! Celebrate these newly tenured faculty by getting to know them a little better, including a preview of their current and upcoming projects.

Dr. Jane Compson, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Dr. Compson has taught at UW Tacoma since 2012. Her specialties are applied philosophy, environmental ethics, philosophy of religion and the environment, comparative religion, and Buddhist thought (phew!).

Developing new work with the community is a big priority Continue reading

Intern Insights: Winter 2018 (2 of 2)

This quarter, PPPA students have been hard at work in the community through their internship placements. In this final post, we share updates from three more of our interns.

Gabi Gutierrez (L) and Autumn Nguyen (R), pictured with Glenn Glover, Chief Investigator at the Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel.

Autumn Nguyen
Major: Law and Policy ’18
Placement: Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel

“Interning at the Department of Assigned Counsel has been an amazing experience for me. When I first became a part of this internship I did not know a lot about how our Criminal Justice System function daily; let alone ever even set foot in a courtroom! This internship allows me to see all types of career opportunities and the more I learn the more inspired I am to apply for law school. I have met a lot of people in this internship that has given me a lot of good advice and opportunities to better myself as an individual as well as a future law school student studying criminal law. Working at my internship I do see that our Criminal Justice System is very broken, but it only inspires me more to finish school and to be able to start making a difference in our community along with others who share the same passion.” Continue reading

Intern Insights: Winter 2018 (1 of 2)

This quarter, PPPA students have been hard at work in the community through their internship placements. In this first of two posts, we share updates from four of our interns.

Lily Wong, pictured with Congressman Denny Heck.

Lily Wong
Major: Law and Policy, Human Rights minor
Placement: Office of Congressman Denny Heck

“I’m really enjoying the internship. Continue reading

Dr. Eric Bugyis Doesn’t Have the Answers

Dr. Eric Bugyis

Dr. Eric Bugyis, lecturer in religious studies for IAS, is on a fool’s errand.

He could have been a doctor. In his first month of medical school and with his whole future planned out ahead of him, he had what he now describes as “one of those 3am ‘what am I doing with my life?’” epiphanies.

It had started innocently enough – he was just taking a few religion classes alongside his pre-med curriculum – when suddenly, as he puts it, “I was kind of converted to the humanities. [Those] questions were just so much more interesting to me than what we were doing in my science classes.” Continue reading

Alumni Spotlight: Mohamed Rashed, PPPA ’11

Mohamed Rashed, PPPA ’11

In 2006, already at work on his degree in business administration, Mohamed Rashed made the daunting decision to leave his home in Egypt and move to the United States. He arrived with little English skills, but enrolled in UW Tacoma just the next year. By 2011, he had graduated with dual Bachelors degrees in Politics and International Business, and then went on to Eastern Washington University for 2 Masters degrees in Business and Public Administration. Today, Mohamed is a Ph.D. candidate in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, alongside working as a newly-hired Vice President and Branch Manager at Banner Bank in Spokane, WA and teaching financial literacy to refugees through World Relief.

Continue reading