Recent Faculty Scholarship:  Faculty activities 2015-2016

Faculty in SIAS’s Division of
Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs:

Katie Baird, Professor of Economics.  Areas of expertise:  Education policy, comparative social policy, economics of public policy


Email:  kebaird@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

justin Justin Beaudoin, Assistant Professor.   Areas of expertise:  Transportation economics, environmental economics, regional economics


Email:  jbea@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Elizabeth Bruch, Assistant Professor of International Law and Human Rights. Areas of expertise: Public international law and policy, human rights, social theory


Email:  embruch@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

E Bugyis - Headshot Eric Bugyis, Lecturer in Religious Studies.   Areas of expertise:  Philosophy of religion, Christian thought, and critical theory


Email:  ebugyis@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

 Photo of Tom Cobb Tom Cobb, Lecturer in Law and Policy.   Areas of expertise: Evidence, Legal Research and Writing, Public Interest Law


Email:  tomcobb@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Jane Compson, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. Areas of expertise:  Applied ethics, Buddhist thought, contemplative practices and pedagogy


Email:  jcompson@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

crawford_robert_photo_2013 Rob Crawford, Professor Emeritus of Cultural Studies


Email:  crawford@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Michael Forman, Associate Professor of Political Theory.  Areas of expertise:  Political theory, critical theory, human rights


Email:  forman@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Gee Jeramy Gee, Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics.  Areas of expertise: Ethics, moral psychology


Email:  jsg5@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Sarah Hampson, Assistant Professor of Public Law.   Areas of expertise: Public Law; Women and Politics; Work and Family Policy


Email:  hampsons@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Mary Hanneman, Associate Professor of East Asian History. Areas of expertise:  Japanese history, East Asian history, comparative nationalism, national identity.


Email:  hanneman@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

kayaoglu_turan_photo_2013 Turan Kayaoğlu, Professor of International Relations.  Areas of expertise:  International relations theory, human rights, American Islam and politics, Interfaith relations and dialogue


Email:  turan@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

SeyedKarimi_000 Seyed Karimi, Lecturer in Economics.  Areas of expertise:  Health economics, labor policy, development economics


Email:  skarimi2@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

mcguire_william_photo_2013_0 Will McGuire, Assistant Professor of Economics.  Areas of expertise:  China, environmental economics, international economics


Email:  wmcguire@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

mcmillan_lucas-photo Lucas McMillan, Lecturer in American Politics.  Areas of expertise: U.S. Supreme Court, appointment process for U.S. federal judges, civil rights and liberties


Email:  lucasm13@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Meiches Portrait Style Ben Meiches, Assistant Professor in Global Politics.  Areas of expertise:  Global politics, armed conflict, genocide, international law


Email:  bmeiches@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Gregg Miller, Part Time Lecturer in Political Theory


Email:  ggmiller@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

David Morris, Emeritus Prof of American Literature
nascimento_amos_photo_2014 Amos Nascimento, Professor of Philosophy.  Areas of expertise: Critical theory, discourse ethics, environmental ethics, human rights cosmopolitanism


Email:  anascim@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

Tim Scharks, Part Time Lecturer of Geography and Economics


Email:  tims2@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

ugur_etga_photo_2013_0 Etga Ugur, Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics.  Areas of expertise: Religion and politics in the Middle East, Islamic movements, religion and civil society, comparative politics


Email:  ugur@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

williams_charles_photo_2013_0 Charles Williams, Associate Professor of Politics.  Areas of expertise:  U.S. labor politics, radicalism and political culture in the 1930s, labor history, community organizing


Email:  charles1@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae

charlie_uw Chenyang (Charlie) Xu, Lecturer in Economics.  Areas of expertise:  Environmental economics, energy economics


Email:  cxu1@uw.edu                 Curriculum Vitae