UW Law/Law societies and justice Rome program

Study comparative law and politics in Rome – with the UW Law/Law Societies and Justice Rome Program during the early fall start. The Law/LSJ Rome Program is now in its 11th year.

RomeEver wonder why Silvio Berlusconi remained in office after being convicted of crimes?

  • Why Italians are against the death penalty?
  • Whether Europeans have more privacy rights than Americans?


When: August 20 through September 18 – you can extern or work before studying abroad. Continue reading

Congratulations to our 2014 graduates!

Congratulations to all our 2014 graduates!  We’re proud of this year’s UW Tacoma graduates who have majored in Politics, Philosophy & Economics or Law & Policy.

Politics, Philosophy & Economics graduates:
Jaime Ray Dalit Arreola, Imanjit Singh Bains, Miguel Angel Balderamma, David Allen Barnes, Nicholas Bradford, Brynn J. Brooks, Raymond Brooks, Jacob Alan Bush,
Fu-Yen Chan, N01_-_Mortar_Board142Annie Songyie Choi, April A. Coberly, Lauren Catherine Conley, Patrick Courtney, Brant Robert Delarme, Yahye Y. Dineh, Semone Dover, Kevin James Drugge, Nicolas J. Dunning, Alex-Jon Earl, Kaycie Elwess, Thomas Gregory Farrow, Erin Barbara Gaede, Uuriintuya Erika Ganjargal, Brandon Green, Cristina M. Hakansson, Shane Gregory Hall, Janessa India Harris, Thomas L. Harris,  Katrina Ann Honrade, Tzu Yang Hsu, James D. Jagger, Aaron Robert Jones,
Michael A. Jordan, Sheetal Kavita, Elliot J. Klavuhn, Aaron C. Knapp, James Koo,
Feipang Lam, Wei Li, Arely Lopez, Colin W. McCann, Jason Frederik McCausland,
Carley N. Metcalf, Jason M. Michaud, Dominique Andrew Miles, Chantell Munoz,
Megan Kimberly Nation, Martin Nderi, Jason Michael O’Neill, Madeleine Broxton Park,
Alycia Lorraine Patterson, Yessica M. Perez, Jeremy Scott Peterson, Stacilynn Mae Rambow, Julian Lavar Richards, Laura C. Richardson, Jeremy Bradon Rothschild,
Michelle Santos, Janaia Marie Seacrest-Holden, Arianna Elizabeth Shorey,
Ronald Smith, Liliya A. Stakhovich, Jesse Jameson Strege, Madhav Subedi,
Milena Summers, Tallman Harlow Trask IV, Thanhhong Thi Vu-Smith,
Perrin J. Walker, Nicole Nadean Wilcox, Tremicka Nicole Williams, Rees T. Yaden, and
Dennis E. Zuleta-Dupleich

Law & Policy graduates:
Mohamed Hassan Ahmed, Sharon-An B. Athey, Grady Heins, Jordan Emma Katherine Jones, Ramon Ralph Maddox, and Michael Wotherspoon

PPPA students graduate with honors

This year for the first time, one of our students are graduating with honors in PP&E. Kaycie Elwess (pictured below) is the first UW Tacoma student to graduate with this distinction.

In addition to PP&E honors, several PPPA graduates have also been awarded Baccalaureate or Faculty Honors. Baccalaureate honors include summa cum laude (the top 0.5% of the program), magna cum Kacie Elwesslaude (the next 3%), and cum laude (the next 6.5%); faculty honors are given to acknowledge students with a grade point average equivalent to baccalaureate honors, but who have not completed the minimum 90 UW credits.

Students graduating Magna Cum Laude include Kaycie Elwess, Thomas Gregory Farrow, Erin Barbara Gaede, Arianna Elizabeth Shorey, and Michael Wotherspoon (who also earned IAS honors)

Ryan Walter Begg, Jacob Alan Bush, James D. Jagger, Colin W. McCann (also, Global Honors), Laura C. Richardson, Tallman Harlow Trask IV (also  IAS honors) are graduating with the Cum Laude distinction.  Brandon Green earned faculty honors. 

Congratulations for work well done!

Annual PPPA student-faculty softball game

IMG_0620In what has become an annual ritual, students and faculty engaged in a hotly contested game of softball at Tacoma’s Vassault Park this May.  We all enjoyed the sun and warm breezes blowing in from left field, and a fine game of softball followed by a BBQ.  After four successive years of defeat, the students this year came out determined to win.  And win they did!  It was a close game, but graduating Law and Policy senioIMG_0613-1 (2)r Grady Heins squashed the faculty’s early celebrations by socking a second home run, this one a three-run blast in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, allowing students to eke out a hard-fought but well-earned victory against us. Since alumni play for the faculty team, we look forward to having Grady on our side next year.

Andreas Neiderberger speaks at Philosophy Roundtable events

As part of this year’s Philosophy Roundtable, Andreas Neiderberger, Professor of Politicalniederberger and Social Philosophy at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany spoke at UW Tacoma and Seattle in April. AT UW Tacoma he spoke of the theme of “Human Rights & Global Constitutionalism,” and at UW Seattle he discussed “Are Human Rights Moral Rights?” While in the Puget Sound area, he also attended a music recital at the University of Puget Sound, and spoke to the Research Group on Human Rights in the Suzzallo Library at UW Seattle. His talks were part of the Interdisciplinary Research Cluster Human Interactions and Normative Innovation (HI-NORM).  His talks were made possible by support from PPPA as well as the Simpson Center for the Humanities, and the UW Seattle Department of Philosophy.

Alumni writes wildfire law

anna freidenburg at legislature 2012 (2)Last year, UW Tacoma alum Anna Freudenberg, a graduate of the Washington State Legislative Internship program and currently a Willamette Law School student, worked with other law students to write and then lobby a bill through the Oregon Legislature.  The bill enacts measures to reduce wildfires, and last year it became law in Oregon.  Anna remarked that  “With­out hav­ing gained all the expe­ri­ence I gained while intern­ing with the Washington State Sen­ate, I am not sure if this would have still been pos­si­ble.”  To her surprise, this year her and her colleagues’ bill was introduced into the Washington Legislature, and on January 17th  it advanced to the House floor for discussion.

PPPA grad off to UPenn Law School

logoCongratulations to Tommy Farrow, a recent PPPA graduate, who was just accepted into the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Penn Law is ranked 7th in the nation among law schools, and Tommy is thrilled with his opportunity to study there.  He credits UW Tacoma faculty for his academic success, but we’d chalk it up to his hard work and endless curiosity.