PPPA students graduate with honors

This year for the first time, one of our students are graduating with honors in PP&E. Kaycie Elwess (pictured below) is the first UW Tacoma student to graduate with this distinction.

In addition to PP&E honors, several PPPA graduates have also been awarded Baccalaureate or Faculty Honors. Baccalaureate honors include summa cum laude (the top 0.5% of the program), magna cum Kacie Elwesslaude (the next 3%), and cum laude (the next 6.5%); faculty honors are given to acknowledge students with a grade point average equivalent to baccalaureate honors, but who have not completed the minimum 90 UW credits.

Students graduating Magna Cum Laude include Kaycie Elwess, Thomas Gregory Farrow, Erin Barbara Gaede, Arianna Elizabeth Shorey, and Michael Wotherspoon (who also earned IAS honors)

Ryan Walter Begg, Jacob Alan Bush, James D. Jagger, Colin W. McCann (also, Global Honors), Laura C. Richardson, Tallman Harlow Trask IV (also  IAS honors) are graduating with the Cum Laude distinction.  Brandon Green earned faculty honors. 

Congratulations for work well done!