Faculty takes part in Copenhagen human rights workshop

PPPA professor Turan Kayaoglu traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark in February 2015turan's photo to take part in a workshop on the topic of human rights and  the  Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).  The workshop, organized by the  Danish Institute for Human Rights–the third such meeting for the group which first met in 2013 at the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR)–had ten scholars presenting papers over a period of two days. Group members discussed their papers and developed a common framework for a forthcoming publication regarding the OIC and human rights. Kayaoglu and Marie J. Petersen will be editing the publication produced by workshop participants. Continue reading

Brittany Hale wins annual PPPA paper prize

Brittany Hale is the 2014 PPPA Paper Prize winner, an award won for her PP&E capstone paper on medical marijuana. Brittany wrote this paper while interning during the winter quartehale presentationr for the Washington State Legislature.  The annual award, given to the student with the best capstone paper for the year, was announced April 30th at the PPPA Internship/Paper Prize Event in William Philip Hall, and Brittany presented her paper during a lunchtime seminar May 15th in the Tacoma Room. Hale states, “My time in Olympia as a legislative intern piqued my interested in public policy.  All of the proposed legislation around medical marijuana in this last session provided an important focus for my research paper. I am honored and excited to receive recognition from UWT, and I’d like to thank Professor Baird for helping me focus my research and perfect my paper.”

Lester Burkes’ paper, “Venice Submerged,” on the topic of nuclear power, was named runner up for the prize.  Lester also wrote his paper while interning for the Washington State Legislature.  Congratulations to both!  You can read Brittany’s paper–and those of past PPPA prize winners–in UW Tacoma’s Digital Commons.

Andreas Neiderberger speaks at Philosophy Roundtable events

As part of this year’s Philosophy Roundtable, Andreas Neiderberger, Professor of Politicalniederberger and Social Philosophy at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany spoke at UW Tacoma and Seattle in April. AT UW Tacoma he spoke of the theme of “Human Rights & Global Constitutionalism,” and at UW Seattle he discussed “Are Human Rights Moral Rights?” While in the Puget Sound area, he also attended a music recital at the University of Puget Sound, and spoke to the Research Group on Human Rights in the Suzzallo Library at UW Seattle. His talks were part of the Interdisciplinary Research Cluster Human Interactions and Normative Innovation (HI-NORM).  His talks were made possible by support from PPPA as well as the Simpson Center for the Humanities, and the UW Seattle Department of Philosophy.

Annual internship and PPPA paper prize event

Arianna-Shorey1-150x150Scheduled for April 30 during the lunch hour, our annual internship event offers a chance for faculty and students to hear about our students’ internship experiences over the year. This event is also coupled with the announcement of our annual paper prize competition winner.  This award goes to the student chosen by faculty for having written the best capstone paper. Last year, the award went to Arianna Shorey (right) who last month presented her paper to faculty and students during a lunch hour seminar.  Previous winners and their papers can be found in UW Tacoma’s Digital Commons collection.  

Upcoming Events

  • April 10 –  Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Mr. Faisal Roble.  “Post Civil War Somalia:  Challenges and Opportunities”  4- 6 pm in Carwein Auditorium.
  • April 15 – Film & Panel Discussion- “Buddhism After the Tsunami: The Souls of Zen.” 3/11 Japan Special. 6-8 pm in Carwein Auditorium
  • April 23 – Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Professor James Long.  “Electoral Fraud and Political Violence in Africa.”  12:30 (Location TBD) 
  • April 28 – Philosophy Roundtable, with  Professor Rob Crawford.  Topic:  “War and Legitimacy: Why Accountability for US Torture Failed”. 4:00-5:30 pm in the Chihuly Room, Snoqualmie Library Building,.
  • April 30 – PPPA Internship Event and Paper Prize Presentation. 12:30 pm in the Jane Russell Commons.
  • May 7 –  Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Professor Nader Hashemi.  “Is Rouhani an Iranian Gorbachev?”  4pm  in the Tacoma Room.
  • May 15 – PPPA Seminar by Paper Prize winner.  12:30 pm in the Tacoma Room.
  • May 29 –  Middle East and Africa Seminar Series, with Michael Wotherspoon.  “Politics, Ethnicity and the Press in Kyrgyzstan.” 12:30 pm in the Tacoma Room.