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Drawing upon the indigenous and community-based approaches to archaeology, this seminar explores the potential value and utility of an indigenous, community-based approach to heritage management and archaeology in the Pacific Northwest. This approach involves seeking common ground between local area heritage managers, which include archaeologists employed by universities and CRM firms, heritage managers within local, federal, and state agencies, tribal nations, and other affiliated parties (e.g., affiliated communities, local residents, etc.). The current structure of heritage management in the U.S. mandates consultation with federally recognized tribal nations, however, there are many barriers between consulting parties engaging in meaningful collaboration. It is the purpose of this seminar to develop meaningful collaboration between seminar participants for the purpose of creating a shared knowledge base through which these stewards and stakeholders can identify a series of best practices and guidelines for consulting with tribal nations and, specifically, Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, and for protecting and preserving local history and heritage.