Project SAM Daily Surveys

Flexibility is possible!

We know your plans will change over the next 3 years and your life does not revolve around this project. With that in mind, we are able to be flexible as to when, where, and what times you can take your daily surveys.

Each daily survey set will be approximately 4 months apart. If you would like to know the exact date of your next set, feel free to contact us. 

Changing the start date of your set

Going on vacation? Heading somewhere without internet access? We can change the start date of your next set.

We can postpone your daily survey set for up to 2 weeks, just shoot us an email or give us a call.

You need to let us know at least 2 business days before the start of your set for the date to be accurate, otherwise it may result in delayed changes.

Changing the time zone of your set

Moved out of state? On vacation in Florida? We are able to change your daily set’s time zone.

When asking to change your time zone, please provide exact dates and times of when you will be in a different time zone and if/when you will return to your previous location. It’s helpful if you provide the city and state of your new location.

Let us know if this change is temporary or permanent. The more information, the better!

Changing the start times of your daily surveys

Are the survey times not convenient? We can change the time your daily surveys start!

When asking to change the start times of your daily surveys, keep in mind all windows are still open for 3 hours.

Your morning survey can start at 8 AM, 9 AM, or 10 AM.

Your afternoon survey can start at 2 PM, 3 PM, or 4 PM.

Changing these times will be made for the entire survey set.

Please let us know at least 2 business days in advance for any changes you would like to make.