Project SAM Study Information & FAQ

What is Project SAM?

Project SAM is a longitudinal study conducted through the Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors at the University of Washington in Seattle. This study aims to explore young adults’ daily health behaviors (e.g., sleep, alcohol and marijuana use, exercise, etc.) and how different daily experiences (e.g., mood, activities, etc.) may impact immediate and longer term health.

What does the rest of the study involve?

Your in-person session has been completed. What happens for the rest of the study?

You will complete six two-week sets of daily online surveys over two years (six weeks in Year 1 and six weeks in Year 2, roughly 4 months apart). These daily surveys occur twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) and take about 5-10 minutes to complete and ask questions about your daily physical and mental health, and alcohol and marijuana use. You will be paid $80 to $85 in Gift Cards if you complete all of the surveys in each daily set.

Finally, you will be asked to complete three yearly online surveys, approximately 30-50 minutes each. You will be paid $45 to $50 in Gift Cards for each completed yearly session.

How much do I get paid?

Participants who complete all of the surveys can earn $675 in gift cards over three years.

Compensation Total
In-person Survey $40 $40
Online survey (twice daily for two weeks) $2.50 x 168 $420
Bonus for completing 25 of 28 surveys in Daily Sets 1 – 3 $10 x 3 $30
Bonus for completing 25 of 28 surveys in Daily Sets 4 – 6 $15 x 3 $45
Year 1 & Year 2 Annual Surveys $45 x 2 $90
Year 3 Annual Survey $50 $50
Total possible for Study $675

When will I get paid?

Payments will be emailed in the form of gift cards within 2 weeks of the close of your last survey of each daily set. Please remember the email with your payment comes directly from Amazon.

If you have not received payment after 2 weeks, please contact us.