Discussing the Benefits of Low Dose CT Scans

Radiation is part of nature. We’re all exposed to radiation every day in very small amounts. But the amount of radiation being used for medical diagnosis has been increasing over the last 20 years or so – to a point where it is now raising new concerns about CT scan risks. In fact, the use of CT has increased over the last decade to the point where we’re now doing around 60 million CT scans a year in the United States.

So what does this mean for patients?

What other options are available to minimize the effects of CT scans?

How can patients go about trying to make smart decisions about the risks and benefits of CT scans?

Last October, I took part in a Webinar for Patient Power with medical physicist Dr. Kalpana Kanal that addresses these questions and more – touching on radiation dosage and risk, new technologies, and techniques for limiting exposure.

>watch the webinar

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