Travelers at UWMC

Getting Started

This section describes the steps you’ll need to complete to prepare for your orientation at University of Washington Medical Center.

Step 1: Pre-Orientation Documentation

Prior to arriving at UWMC please print/fill out the pre-orientation forms by provided to your agency. The Aya Program Manager will provide these to the facility on your behalf.

Step 2: Set up Computer Access

This section contains instructions on how to set up and manage your UW NETID and campus email.

Step 3: Review Hospital Policies

This sec­tion con­tains poli­cies that healthcare providers should be aware during their assignment at UWMC. Please review the information in this sec­tion before your work on the unit begins.

Step 4: Com­plete Assigned Online Training

All contracted healthcare providers are required to review and complete all the assigned modules.

  • UWMC Core Competencies
  • HIPPA Training and Corporate Compliance (If you have completed HIPAA training within the UW Medicine system, you should not need to take the training again. Please log in and print your certificate of completion and bring it with you to orientation. You can accomplish this using the “print this page” button after you complete all of the required modules in the course.)
  • Other assigned modules and quizzes

Step 5: Attend UWMC Traveler Orientation

First day instructions will be sent to your agency when you are cleared to work. Please be sure to review the instructions closely and report on time!