Faculty Spotlight – Joan Bleecker

Bleecker-Joan UWT Lecturer

Joan Bleecker is a new lecturer for UW Tacoma within Sciences and Mathematics (SAM).

As a graduate student, Joan Bleecker studied model cell membranes composed of just a few different lipid (fat) types to see how changing lipid structure affected lipid organization along the membrane. As a chemistry lecturer at UW Tacoma’s School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, her goal is to teach students to 1) use intuition to understand chemical concepts, 2) observe how chemistry relates to the natural world, 3) work collaboratively and ask for help, and 4) use assessment to improve performance.

Joan is passionate about helping students overcome roadblocks to their success. As a graduate student,  she was a founding member of a women in sciences group at the UW Seattle and she is deeply committed to improving diversity and increasing the number of women and people of color in science.

Joan grew up just across the bridge in Gig Harbor and have been amazed to see the incredible growth around UW Tacoma. When she is not sciencing, Joan enjoys swing dancing, hiking, cooking, reading, listening to podcasts, and she recently took up ice skating. She is also a big fan of TED Talks.

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