Faculty Spotlight – Maureen Kennedy

Kennedy-Maureen UWT Assistant Professor

Maureen Kennedy is a new assistant professor for UW Tacoma Sciences and Mathematics (SAM).

For her graduate work, Maureen Kennedy developed a simulation model of branch morphogenesis for old-growth conifers. She used multi-criteria optimization to discover branch morphologies that represented alternative optimal solutions to the problem of longevity under growth constraints. She has since applied multi-criteria optimization to the problem of fuel and fire management under multiple ecological and social priorities. Maureen continues to conduct quantitative research in model uncertainty assessment, in understanding spatio-temporal patterns in fire history data, in employing spatially explicit analysis to evaluate fuel treatment efficacy during wildfire, and in estimating non-linear growth and yield models for sustainable forest management.

Maureen is excited to continue her research and teaching at UW Tacoma. When not teaching or conducting research Maureen spends much of her free time walking and jogging with her dog in their NW Seattle neighborhood. She and her partner can often be found riding their bicycles around Seattle, or spending their Saturdays at restoration sites throughout the Mountains to Sound Greenway, volunteering in trail work, tree planting, or invasive species removal. They also enjoy the ample opportunities to hike or kayak on local trails and waterways.

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