Monthly Archives: November 2016


The Peace Community Center has been funded to provide before, during, and after-school enrichment programs for the K-12 students of Tacoma. They’ve work with these kids from Kindergarten all the way up to college, and many of the attendees come back as college students to intern with them and work with future generations of K-12 kids!

McCarver Elementary is one of the places that these enrichment programs are held (the elementary enrichments specifically), which is where my students and I were every Monday in November from 4-5pm. We did different chemistry (and general science) demos and activities with the kids each week (I have everything written down in terms of activities/demos with the schedule), and I will be partnering with them in the future for more enrichment programs!

Originally I intended to have faculty volunteer to help out, but because of busy schedules I ended up having some of my TESC141 students volunteer (no incentives needed, it was amazing!!), and they worked with the kids and had an absolute blast!!

Lauren Wugalter