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Senior Lecturer, Linda Dawson, Publishes Book: The Politics and Perils of Space Exploration

dawson-linda-uwt-lecturer    linda-dawson-book-cover-the-politisc-and-perils-of-space-exploration

Congratulations to UW Tacoma Senior Lecturer, Linda Dawson for the upcoming release of her new book “The Politics and Perils of Space Exploration” to be released at the end of the month by Springer.

The book is written by a graduate from NASA Langley Research Center, this book offers a complete overview of all of NASA’s next steps in space, including how future space exploration is to be funded and how space tourism is to be regulated.  Dawson’s book summarized future space exploration plans in development both in the US an abroad, including the increased shift to space privatization as changes in NASA’s mission bring it into partnership with commercial space companies.  The book considered the US political climate regarding its tolerance for risk in space travel and whether the US will continue to invest in the space arena, as the SpaceShip Two crash illustrates why mistakes become deadly.

In order to tell this story, it is important to understand the politics of space as well as the dangers, why it is so difficult to explore and utilize the resources of space.  Some past and reent triumphs and failures will be discussed, pointing the way to a successful space policy that includes taking risks but also learning to to mitigate them.

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