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Congratulations to Maureen Kennedy on 2 Grants!

Congratulations to faculty Maureen Kennedy on two new grants that began in September 2015!

Kennedy-Maureen UWT Assistant Professor

The first is an NSF grant that is part of the Hazards SEES program, which has a focus on interdisciplinary research in hazards and disasters.  The main institution for the grant is UCSB and Maureen is working with them on a four-year project to implement a fire model with a hydro-ecological model that will be integrated with a social science model of fuel treatment decision making.

The second has been fully funded by the Joint Fire Sciences Program (JFSP) on a three-year project and it involves improving fuel maps in the US that are used for emissions estimated during fires.  The approach is to characterize the uncertainty in fuels estimates and how uncertainty propagates to yield prediction bounds on emissions.