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SAM Alumni, Anna Park, Admitted to NY University College of Dentistry!

Congratulations to one of our very own SAM alumni, Anna Park.  Anna was recently admitted to New York College of Dentistry and will start fall 2017.

With dental school in her near future, Anna is looking forward to making friendships and working with fellow dental students and faculty who share the same passion for dentistry.  When we asked Anna what aided her the most at UW Tacoma in her journey towards dental school, she replied “I used to regret missing out on the typical college lifestyle and experience most students get at a larger institution, but the smaller class sizes and student to faculty ratio at UW Tacoma have played a significant role in my success. Many of my friends who attended large universities have told me that they feel like just another number or another face in their classes and they don’t feel a close connection to their instructors. AT UW Tacoma, I felt that my instructors genuinely cared about me and always took the time to reach out to me to make sure I succeed in my classes.”

Congratulations Anna and good luck on your new and exciting journey ahead!

SAM UWaTERS Fall Edition 2015

Sciences and Mathematics held the Fall 2015 edition of the UW Tacoma Environmental Research Symposium (UWaTERS) on Thursday December 10th 10:30-12:00 PM in the hallway of the 2nd floor Science Building.

Environmental Science and Environmental Studies majors presented their capstone research projects in a poster session.  These students also participated (as part of their TESC 410 class) in creating UW Tacoma’s inaugural submissions for the national EPA green infrastructure design competition, campus RainWorks Challenge.  The student teams benefited from the involvement of City of Tacoma and UW Tacoma Facilities Services staff during brainstorming and design. The student teams will be showing off their design boards for this project at the poster event. For more info on this competition, check out the website: http://www2.epa.gov/green-infrastructure/2015-campus-rainworks-challenge

UWaTERS Abstracts AUT15 Final

Great Job SAM Students!

IMG_1231 IMG_1227 IMG_1217 IMG_1210 20151210_105649

SAM Advising Session for Winter and Spring Quarters

SAM held an informative advising session on Monday October 19, 2015 for Sciences and Mathematics.  Please take a look at the attached SAM Power Point presentation that presents:

SAM Advising Info – Winter and Spring 2015