New course in Psychopharmacology

New Course in Psychopharmacology

We are consistently bombarded with drug advertisements, news stories about promising new treatments, and tales of drug abuse, yet the complexity of drug action is rarely fully appreciated. This spring, students in TPSYCH 361 Psychopharmacology will explore the biological basis of drug action, including the ways psychoactive drugs affect behavior, mood, and thinking. Additionally, we will discuss the ways these drugs are used to treat psychological disorders and the social concerns related to media coverage of pharmaceuticals. Please note that this course has a prerequisite of TPSYCH 260 or TESC 130. This course will open to non-Psych Majors in Period 2 (March 2nd).

TPSYCH 361 Psychopharmacology. If you have the prerequisites for this course and are having difficulty registering, please request an entry code using the form on this IAS webpage: