Welcome to the Psychology Club!

“We welcome everyone!”


Left to Right: Arnold Sze, Summer Doll, Jennifer Parada

Are you wondering what to do during your lunch hour every first Wednesday and last Monday of each month? Does the psychology field interest you? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, consider attending the next Psychology Club meeting!

Arnold Sze, Psychology Club President, explains the main goal of the club is to help students understand the field of psychology. The club tries to serve students who have an interest in psychology and those who are hoping to go into a related career field after graduation.

“We do conferences so that attendees of the meetings can get first hand exposure into seeing what professionals in the field do and see if that is the right path for them,” adds Summer Doll, Club Vice President, on the purpose of Psychology Club.

“You never know when you’re going to need someone else in the field helping you.”  –Jennifer Parada, Club Secretary, on the importance of networking

Increased membership will positively impact students in the club, particularly in networking. Doll explains, “the more students we have, the more network connections we can build because someone might know someone in the field a club attendee is interested in pursuing.” Parada adds that increased attendance will create a more enjoyable environment for the club as well, since that would mean more opinions and points of view during discussions—which is more interesting. Sze notes that it will also help foster a comradery between faculty and students since a lot of club events involve a faculty member.

“It’s a fun, educational way to get resources and to get to know people.” –Summer Doll, Club Vice President

Meetings during Winter 2015 quarter are being held in BHS 106. Go check them out!

The current club officers are Arnold Sze, President; Summer Doll, Vice President; Jennifer Parada, Secretary; Aimee Peyton-Greene, Treasurer; Fleciah Mburu, Officer. Contact information is available on the DawgDen webpage.


Left: Fleciah Mburu, Club Secretary Right: Aimee Peyton-Greene, Club Treasurer