Tubingen, GermanyTübingen, Germany in the summer season is budding with blue sky, brimful with historic architecture, and cooled by waterways partnered with white cobblestone. SBHS Faculty member Cory Cook will be spending one week in June in this dazzling town in Germany.

Cook teaches courses in Research Methods and Social Psychology. His research primarily focuses on stereotypes and how they develop and how we respond to stereotypes of others.  He will be attending a week-long workshop in Tübingen, Germany where he will focus on the study of the origins of human cooperation.

Besides being able to visit Tübingen as an attractive aspect of the workshop, Cook mentioned other reasons for his interest in the workshop, explaining, “I’ve been focusing a lot on how our society affects the negative impressions we have of others. Over time, my prejudice research has really focused on how we respond toward people we perceive as threatening our group functioning. And I thought this would be a really cool interdisciplinary way to learn about research from other areas and other angles and maybe things I hadn’t thought about before.”

As for what Cook hopes to take away from the experience?  “I’m very, very excited to see the way people from other areas, other backgrounds approach how human cooperation develops and how it affects current psychology and behavior. I would love to learn more about the nature of cooperation, the way people respond, the way people work together, and how they respond to those who they perceive as not facilitating the group.”

Wondering if you can get involved with Cook’s work on cooperation? “When I return and develop my follow-up research based on what I’ve learned,” Cook says, “that will absolutely be an opportunity for students to get research experience.”

When he was asked how he was going to use his experiences in the classroom, Cook noted, “I’ve been developing an evolutionary social nature course and I’m constantly updating my teaching to incorporate the new material I have learned.”

Stay tuned for a follow-up article when Cook returns!