Students Explore Aquatic Sciences (SEAS)

June 19, 2018

Discover Science Weekend

[NOTE: This post was originally published on November 17, 2017]

In mid-November, SEAS volunteers joined dozens of other groups and organizations in the Seattle Aquarium’s Discover Science Weekend. This annual three-day event aims to engage families in exploring science and in learning about current research projects being led by local scientists. Our SEAS volunteers were there all day Saturday with several activities relating to the cutting-edge aquatic science happening at the UW College of the Environment.

Thousands of visitors attended the event over the weekend, arriving promptly when the Aquarium doors opened in the morning and continuing in a constant stream throughout the day. Visitors of all ages played our hands-on games and activities related to breeding habitat for fishes of the Puget Sound, bioaccumulation of toxins in marine mammals, and how grizzly bears connect the ocean to the forest through eating salmon.

“It was wonderful to see both kids and adults getting excited about the science I do, and to come away with new knowledge about aquatic ecosystems,” said SEAS volunteer Alex Lincoln, “My favorite part was seeing guests react with the same wonder and interest as I did when I first saw how a bear-eaten salmon looked.”

If you missed the event, the next Discover Science Weekend should be held at the Aquarium in fall 2018. Our volunteers already can’t wait to participate in next year’s event!