Elwha cruise with the Ocean 492 class (Apr 2013)

On April 12-16 we went on our 5th survey cruise to the Elwha Delta as part of an ongoing 2-year field effort. The cruise served a dual purpose as an educational field experience for the seven students in the spring Marine Sedimentary Processes class. Students helped collect data for the ongoing Elwha sediment dispersal project, and also collected special data for their individual research projects. The weather was pretty rough for the first couple days, but we were rewarded with sunshine toward the end of the trip. In all, we collected 72 sediment samples, dozens of water samples, ship-based ADCP data, PAR sensor (light) data in the plume, seabed videos, benthos samples, CTD transects, and more. Everyone had a great time and learned a lot!

On April 13th, we re-deployed the primary tripod for the fifth time since November 2011. We’ll see it again later this summer (hopefully after the dams are completely gone).

Andrea and Trevor prepare to collect a surface water sample with a Niskin bottle.

Ben and Tianna collect water samples.

Riane collects light measurements from 1 m, 2 m, 5 m, and 10 m water depths in the surface plume.

MUD! (and sand) Finally seeing noticeable amounts of mud mixed with sand near the river mouth.

On shore, the beach crew surveyed profiles.