CB1021 – another successful Elwha cruise! (Aug 2014)

August 17-21 saw the completion of another successful Elwha cruise. After an exciting (i.e. rainy!) March, the summer was relatively quiet in terms of river discharge. The primary goal of the cruise was to remove, refurbish, and re-deploy the primary seabed instrument system, which we did in record time (36 hours!) after an initial failure of one of the release mechanisms (thanks APL for loaning us a backup control unit!). Meanwhile, ship-based survey efforts focused on collecting grab samples from the Freshwater Bay deposit to track any changes in extent throughout the summer. On the final day of the cruise, we also recovered 6 box cores from Freshwater Bay, which will be x-rayed, analyzed for grain size, and measured for radioisotopes in the lab.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this a successful cruise! Bob and Todd of the Barnes, Aaron, Dan N., Wenhua, Julia, and Brianna from our lab group, Maggie McKeon from UW Civil Engineering, Bethany Nagid from UCSC, and Jacob Melly from Peninsula College provided invaluable assistance and no shortage of positive, creative thinking. We also enjoyed hosting guests from UW Advancement and the Seattle community on the box coring & and re-deployment portion of the cruise, and appreciated the opportunity to share the exciting research happening at the Elwha.

Maggie attacks the 4-month-old algal growthTeam ShipekCleaned and ready to redeploy