Sediment at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium

Each spring UW hosts the Undergraduate Research Symposium, a showcase of exciting projects from all disciplines on campus. This year, Andrea moderated a session on our favorite topic – sediments! The session “Sedimentary Signatures and Processes: Interpretations from both near and far” included student talks about sedimentology applied to archaeology, agriculture, paleogeology, and oceanography. Julia gave a great presentation of her research about suspended sediments in the Amazon River – from Julia:

“My research visualized the diurnal and seasonal sedimentary behavior along the Amazon Tidal River. Using suspended-sediment concentrations (SSC), I traced the spatial dissipation of the tidal signal along the length of the tidal river as well as the changes in SSC throughout a tidal cycle.

This presentation was a culmination of the irreplaceable years I have spent with the Sediment Dynamics Lab. To conduct research from data I helped collect was incredibly unique and gave me insight into what it takes to pull off such massive projects. I am so grateful to this lab for giving me such valuable experiences as well as unforgettable memories.”