Ocean 492, Autumn 2016

This quarter, Andrea Ogston, Ian Miller, and Emily Eidam are working with nine undergraduate research apprentices at Friday Harbor Labs to study the effects of the Elwha River Restoration and dam removals on coastal sedimentary processes and habitats. This work is part of Ocean 492: Marine Sedimentary Processes Research Apprenticeship, a 15-credit class that provides students across majors and across universities an opportunity to learn hands-on research techniques, data processing tools, and writing skills.


We took advantage of a stormy day to watch waves at the outer Washington coast during the field week


Lauren and Mary work to refurbish light sensor systems on the deck of the R/V Barnes in October

This year’s apprentices are tackling a wide variety of projects¬†ranging from light availability to wave processes to benthic and planktonic abundances. After an action-packed field week in mid-October on the R/V Barnes and a follow-up trip on the R/V Centennial, we have been busy processing samples and crunching numbers in the lab. Final presentations (and maybe a dock jump!) will take place in mid-December.


We visited former Lake Aldwell to wander through the remnants of last century’s forest and the saplings of the last five years’ recovery


Morning exploring at the Skagit Delta

If you’re interested in Ocean 492: Marine Sedimentary Processes, visit the FHL courses page or contact Andrea (see People page).