New Particle Size Analyzer

The Sediment Dynamics Group is getting an upgrade! Specifically, the lab has purchased an LS 13-320 Beckman-Coulter particle size analyzer through the Student Technology Fee Grant. The STF “provides for capital investments in technology and projects that improve students’ educational opportunities.

Quantifying grain size distributions is key to understanding the transport and deposition of sediment in rivers and oceans. This new instrument will supplement the current set of Sedigraph grain size analyzers.  The laser-based LS 13 320 can measure particles from 0.017 µm to 2000 µm and can measure particles in small volume or dilute samples. These capabilities open new possibilities for measuring suspended sediment particle sizes. Characterizing suspended sediment is central to understanding sediment transport.

The LS 13-320 will also be used by students in Marine Geology and Geophysics to measure microplastics in Puget Sound and by students in Biological Oceanography to count and size phytoplankton. The instrument is available for any undergraduate or graduate research project, including research outside the School of Oceanography. If you are interested in using this instrument please contact Hannah: