Wave Supported Gravity Currents – Flume Experiment

Experiments have started in the newly modified and improved “fluid-mud tank” located in Harris Hydraulics Lab.  Collaboratively with colleagues in the Environmental Fluid Mechanics group in CEE, we are studying the role of sand on the capacity to develop wave-supported sediment gravity flows in continental-shelf environments.  New to this set of experiments are detailed bed characterization studies along with improved observations of suspended-sediment concentration very close to the sediment-water interface.  We are using our x-radiography equipment to resolve bed structure through the flume wall, and have developed the smallest (flume-sized) coring device known to sedimentology!  Stay tuned for results!

link to EFM group: http://depts.washington.edu/uwefm/wordpress/

Fluid-mud tank at the Harris Hydraulic Lab (credit: A. Fricke).